At Trillium Vision Care, we understand that checking the health and visual clarity of the front of patients’ eyes is only the beginning of providing exceptional vision care. We also include retinal screening with every eye exam to determine the health of the back portion of your eyes.

Our optometrists and ophthalmologists use a high-tech piece of equipment known as Optomap to obtain a wide view of each patient’s eyes. Before Optomap became available, we had to dilate pupils and then work within a short window of opportunity to get an optimal view of the retina. Optomap gives both you and your vision health provider a wide, up-close view of the entire retina all at the same time. Retinal exams using Optomap are quick, pain-free, and you may not require eye drops at all during your appointment.


The retina of the eyes is the only location on your entire body where a doctor can see your blood vessels directly. Evaluating the condition of your retina assists doctors with diagnosing eye diseases, such as glaucoma, in addition to several health conditions not related to vision.

The earliest signs of these health conditions can appear in the blood vessels of your retina before you even experience symptoms. Including a retinal exam with your eye health exam is the best way to catch chronic conditions before they become disabling.


Optomap is scanning laser technology that captures a wide-angle image of the retina. According to the manufacturers of Optomap, the technology allows doctors to obtain a clear picture of up to 82 percent of your retina. The standard procedure of dilating the eyes to see blood vessels in the back shows only 15 percent of your retina.

The entire procedure takes less than one second, produces no side effects, and is safe for people of all ages. Scanners are non-invasive and operate at extremely low intensity. Optometrists and ophthalmologists have obtained over 150 million scans using this technology and have yet to report an adverse effect. You can view the three dimensional images in real time along with your eyecare provider.


We have already mentioned some of the primary benefits of this scanning technology, such as the ability of optometrists and ophthalmologists to see at least five times more of your retina at one time compared to the traditional method. Below are some other benefits of visiting an eye health professional who uses Optomap digital retinal mapping.

Early Detection of Serious or Chronic Diseases

Optomap can be instrumental in detecting significant diseases before you experience any type of symptoms. Common examples include diabetes, hypertension, stroke, and heart disease. Early detection gives you the best chance of managing your disease before it can cause disability or death.

Ultra-Wide Lens Results in a Much More Accurate View

Eye health professionals can see a maximum range of 45 degrees when using the traditional method of dilating eyes and then viewing them under a microscope. That percentage jumps to 200 with Optomap, making it much easier for optometrists and ophthalmologists to diagnose eye disease.

Your Eye Health Professional Can Save Images for Future Comparison

The traditional method of viewing a patient’s retina does not offer the possibility of saving images for later use. Optomap makes this possible. By creating a baseline image, your eye health professional can compare changes from one appointment to the next and determine if you require additional treatment.

Your Vision Care Specialist Can Use the Optomap Scanner at Each Appointment

Although the frequency of using Optomap is up to your provider, the equipment is safe to use each time you have an eye exam. For most people, that is once every two years. People with diabetes and other significant health conditions typically have annual eye exams.


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