4 Tips To Avoid Losing Your Eyeglasses.

Losing your eyeglasses can be expensive and frustrating. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to avoid this problem. By picking a consistent place to keep your eyeglasses, using a case to keep your eyeglasses safe and by using other methods to keep track of your eyeglasses, you can avoid situations involving lost glasses. Here’s what we suggest.

1. Pick a Place Where Your Eyeglasses “Live”

Find a place (or two places) in your house where you consistently leave your eyeglasses when you’re not wearing them. This might be the countertop in your bathroom, the night stand by your bed, or the table by your favorite recliner.

Make a habit of leaving your eyeglasses only in these select locations and nowhere else. If you only set your eyeglasses down in predictable places, you’re far less likely to lose your eyeglasses in your own home.

2. Get a Case

Next time you’re at the eye doctor in Zanesville, Newark or New Lexington, OH, get a colorful case to protect your eyeglasses when you’re outside the house. Buy a case that’s colorful and easy to notice, so that if you set the case down somewhere, you won’t have such a hard time locating it among clutter.

3. Wear Your Glasses All Day

Once you’ve purchased eyeglasses in Zanesville, Newark or New Lexington, OH, make a habit of wearing them all day. Some people take off their eyeglasses when they’re doing certain activities, like reading, talking to friends or watching television.

When you take off your glasses without thinking, you increase the chances they will become lost. Force yourself to wear your glasses all day, every day for the first several weeks of glasses ownership. This will put you in the habit of always wearing your glasses, and will make it less likely that you’ll remove them absently.

4. Get an Eyeglasses Chain

Getting an eyeglasses chain can prevent you from losing your glasses even if you do take them off frequently, because when you remove your glasses, they’ll still be on around your neck! Choose a chain you like that will match most outfits, so you won’t have a problem wearing the glasses chain most of the time.

Want more suggestions for keeping track of your glasses? Call Trillium Vision Care to learn more.

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