When Should You Bring Your Child To The Eye Doctor?

Do you know when your child should go to the eye doctor in Zanesville, Newark and New Lexington, OH? If not, the answer may surprise you. Some parents wait until their child shows symptoms of a problem before taking their child to see the doctor. Unfortunately, many kids don’t know when they have a vision problem, and don’t display noticeable symptoms when they’re very young. It’s important to take your child to see the eye doctor regardless of their symptoms. Here’s what to know.

Before Your Child Turns One

Take your child for an eye exam in Zanesville, Newark or New Lexington, OH before your child’s first birthday. Even if your child doesn’t seem to have any symptoms of eye trouble, the eye doctor can see signs that you may not notice. Eye doctors are specially trained to identify symptoms of eye trouble in babies.

A visit to the eye doctor can help you catch a condition in its early stages. Remember, some vision problems are easier to correct when your child is very young. Catching issues early can help ensure that your child will have healthy eyes when they’re older!

Every Year Before School

Once your child has been to the eye doctor as a baby, you can wait to bring your child to the eye doctor again. Once they’re ready to start school, bring them to see the eye doctor before their first day of class.

This way, if your child needs glasses to see what’s happening in the classroom, they’ll have glasses right from the start. Once your child has glasses, they may need to get an updated prescription every year. Your child’s eye doctor can help with that.

Even if no prescription is needed at first, your child’s eyes can change. Seeing the eye doctor before school starts ensures that your child will be ready to perform in class.

When Your Child Is Displaying Symptoms of Eye Trouble

Bring your child to the eye doctor when they’re showing symptoms of eye trouble. Look for problems such as:

  • Sits close to the television.
  • Squints to see things far away or close up.
  • Gets headaches.
  • Complains about blurry vision.

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