How Do Sclera Lenses Work?

When you are wearing scleral contact lenses in Zanesville, Newark and New Lexington, OH, the irony is that they make very little direct contact with your eyes. Large-diameter lenses that are very gas permeable, meaning lots of oxygen gets to your eyes, they are used with patients who suffer from a wide range of eye issues, such as dry eye disease or individuals who have problems wearing traditional contact lenses. If you wonder how these lenses work, here’s what you should know.

No Corneal Contact

As mentioned, scleral lenses make little direct contact with your eye. Instead, they are designed so that they vault over your cornea, allowing the outer edge of the lens to rest on the white part of your eye, known as the sclera. Sterile saline solution fills the space between the back of the lens and the surface of your cornea, which helps keep your eyes hydrated and fills in any irregularities associated with your cornea.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Since scleral lenses are a combination of medical and therapeutic devices, they are used primarily on individuals who suffer from chronic dry eyes, have keratoconus or complications following eye surgery, or have suffered ocular trauma, burns to their eyes, or have congenital eye abnormalities.

Are Scleral Lenses Worn 24/7?

Unlike many modern contact lenses, scleral lenses are not worn 24/7. Instead, they are worn during the day and removed at night before you go to sleep. In rare cases, scleral lenses may be worn at night to protect the outer surface of the eye. However, don’t do this unless told to do so by your eye doctor.

Can There be Complications?

If you follow your eye doctor’s instructions regarding the proper care and maintenance of your scleral lenses, you should have no complications. Though all contact lenses do come with the risk of eye irritation or infection, few problems are reported by patients wearing scleral lenses.

Why are Scleral Lenses so Comfortable?

Since scleral lenses are custom designed to fit the unique shape of your eyes and do not come into direct contact with your cornea, they are very comfortable to wear daily as you go about your activities.

To learn more about how scleral lenses may be right for you, consult with your eye doctor in Zanesville, Newark or New Lexington, Ohio.

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