Don't Lose Those Glasses! 4 Ways To Care For Your First Pair Of Specs.

Your glasses are one of the most important parts of your wardrobe. They’re practically a part of your face! If you’re new to wearing glasses in Zanesville, Newark and New Lexington, OH, you may not know what you’re supposed to do to take care of your new specs.

By taking care not to lose your glasses, protecting your glasses from scratches, and by handling your glasses gently, you can keep your glasses looking their best until you buy your next pair. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Establish a Place Where Your Glasses “Live”

It’s easier to lose your glasses if you put them down in a different place every time you take them off. Establish a place where you consistently put down your glasses when you take them off your face. This way, you’ll know where to look for your glasses when you’re not wearing them.

2. Put Your Glasses Away In a Case

Another way to keep track of your glasses is by putting your glasses away in a case when you take them off. The brighter and bigger the case, the easier it will be to spot when you’re looking for your glasses. Putting your glasses away in a case also helps ensure that your glasses will be protected from scratches and damage when you’re not wearing them.

3. Clean Your Glasses With Special Cleaner

It’s tempting to clean your glasses with your shirt, but doing this just smears dirt around on the lenses. Glasses cleaner is sold in stores and can also be bought from your eye doctor. Using glasses cleaner helps ensure that your glasses will be properly cleaned and the dirt and grime will be removed.

4. Don’t Adjust Them Yourself

Do your glasses sit crooked on your face? Do they need to be adjusted? If so, take them to the eye doctor in Zanesville, Newark and New Lexington, OH – don’t try to adjust them yourself. If you try to bend your glasses, you could break them!

Want more information about how to care for your new glasses? Call us! We’ll be happy to give you more information about ways to take care of your new glasses.

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